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15 easy and effective ways to detox after Diwali

Portea Homecare

Portea Homecare

  Domlur, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   5 min     


After an extended festive season of Diwali, your body is exhausted not just by the binge-eating spree but also the harmful pollutants that you were exposed to. The season of meeting, greeting and engaging in festivities definitely takes a toll on your body and lifestyle in a huge way. Restricting yourself during this season doesn’t make sense. So why not indulge in a detox spree once Diwali is over?

Carried out by the liver, detox is a process of flushing out the harmful (toxic) elements from the human body.

Few detox tips you could incorporate into your lifestyle post the festival break:

1. Follow the thumb rule of detox

The thumb rule of detox says “If it comes in a bag, box or can, skip it”. Processed foods are often loaded with preservatives which classify them as high calorie foods. During the Diwali season, you’ve gorged on enough sweets and fried foods, so, renouncing the delicacies for a while seems like a rational option.

2. Eliminate carbohydrates from your diet entirely

Diwali is all about sweets which account for a high dose of sugar consumption. Post-Diwali, to make your detox spree fruitful, you need to get rid of carbohydrates entirely. The simple carbohydrates add to the concentration of toxins in your body and should be replaced by complex carbohydrates such as starchy vegetables and whole grains which help in relieving stress from your digestive system and stabilising blood pressure levels.

3. Engage your body in some form of physical exercise

The first step to detoxifying your body is to get rid of the impurities and extra calories by sweating. Engaging in different forms of physical exercise such as a brisk walk for half an hour daily or making Yoga a part of your daily life will help you in flushing out the toxins from your body. The tight-fitting sports attire will serve as a constant reminder to shed those extra calories you piled up on during Diwali.

. Get addicted to the anti-oxidant diet

Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet post-Diwali is a great idea as it activates your liver enzymes. These enzymes will help you get rid of the impurities and the pernicious substances accumulated in your body throughout the festive season. The fruits and vegetables will also add fibre and necessary nutrients to your diet and help in keeping the calorie count under control.

Organic foods

Switch to organic food items post Diwali as they are devoid of harmful pesticides and are more nutritious as compared to the regular ones in the market. These organic foods provide you with nutrients and help to expedite your detoxification process.

6. Make concoctions a part of your morning routine

Make a concoction of warm water, lemon, ginger and honey and start your day with it. This brew will help in kick-starting your day by providing you with the required energy and help in flushing out the toxins from your body.
You could also opt for a cinnamon-water mixture which serves the same purpose.

 Herbal teas: Consider them seriously

Replace caffeinated and decaf beverages with herbal teas to prevent piling up of extra kilos due to milk and sugar. The range of herbal teas and infusions to choose from is varied; green tea, ginger tea, lemon tea, mint tea, earl grey tea, guava infusion etc. All you need to do is take your pick and sip on it all day.

8. Devour curd

A bowl of curd is a wonderful food item to cleanse your body as it is packed with probiotics which lend your gastrointestinal passage with essential bacteria which help in digesting food better and quicker.

9. Supplant the toxic oils

Peanut oil, vegetable oil and sunflower oil are all toxic and should be avoided during the detox period post Diwali. Opt for healthy replacements such as extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil which are rich in omega-3, 6 and 9 acids. These fatty acids, apart from bearing the advantage of being low in bad cholesterol levels, are also amazing with your heart health.

10. Re-hydrate your body

All these steps taken will be futile if you do not hydrate your body enough. Drinking water will help in flushing out the toxins from your body. All the alcohol and heavy food consumed during the festive period robs your body of hydration which is why it is a requisite to drink more water post-Diwali.

11. Stock your fridge with fruits rich in Vitamin C

Monopolise your regular snack-meals with fruits loaded with Vitamin C such as limes, blueberries, guavas and oranges. These fruits help you in feeling reinvigorated right away and the overload of anti-oxidants in these fruits also help in fighting the overdose of sugar you consumed in Diwali.

12. Add necessary seeds to your daily diet

Adding basil and sabja seeds to your daily diet is a brilliant idea as they are rich in fibre that aid in flushing out the toxic elements from your intestinal tract. As they are rich in Omega-3 acids, they are a brilliant option to keep acidity under control and speed up the process of detoxification.

13. Add plenty of spices while cooking

Nobody likes bland food; so, load your food with a variety for spices such as turmeric, ginger, cumin and cayenne for superior taste. These spices are crucial to the detox process as they are super-cleansing and help you attain a saturation point quicker than usual; thereby helping you shed off the extra kilos.

14. Try the newest ingredient on the block

Activated charcoal is a recent addition to the list of detoxification elements. It is a colourless, inodorous powder which is available locally and affixes itself to the harmful toxins in your body before they prove to be dangerous. After it affixes itself, charcoal helps in flushing the unwanted toxins out of your body.

15. Pamper yourself

Just because you have regaled enough during the festive season doesn’t mean that you need to abstain from all forms of self-pamper. A spa treatment or a massage post-Diwali will help you get rid of all the festive stress and feel rejuvenated. A steam bath will also help in accelerating the process of detoxification as it releases more sweat.

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