{"status":300,"success":true,"article":{"company_name":"Dr Savita Kalgaonkar","company_url":"Dr.-Savita-Kalgaonkar","articleId":3564,"id":3564,"creator_id":54158,"title":"Yoga- A blessing for Diabetic patients","content":"<\/title><\/head><body><p><strong>Pranayama <\/strong><strong>makes the mind quiet & channelizes the vital energy all over the body. Pranayama helps to manage diabetes in below mentioned ways: <\/strong><\/p><ul><li>Pranayama manages the movement of the exhalation, inhalation & the refection of vital energy.<\/li><li>Pranayama likewise decreases the stress caused by increased blood sugar helps to normalize BP & weight of the individual with diabetes.<\/li><li>Stress prompts discharge of glucagon which has an inverse action than insulin. Pranayama viably decrease stress & glucagon & conceivably enhancing insulin action.<\/li><li>Pranayama likewise diminishes the advancement of complexities & the seriousness of complexities brought about by diabetes.<\/li><li>Pranayama brings about the easiness of the muscles & enhance blood supply which may improve insulin affectability.<\/li><li>Pranayama diminishes the levels of stress hormones. This lessens insulin resistance.<\/li><\/ul><p><strong>Pranayama for Diabetics:<\/strong><\/p><ul><li><strong>Nadi Shodhan pranayama – <\/strong><\/li><\/ul><p>This is extremely useful for diabetics. It discharges the toxins & stress out from the body.  It is also known as alternate nostril breathing. It gives a calming impact on the nervous system & encourages homeostasis. It manages stress & aids in controlling glucose level.<\/p><ul><li><strong>Bhramari Pranayama – <\/strong><\/li><\/ul><p>It makes the mind quiet & revives the body & the nervous system.<\/p><ul><li><strong>Bhasrika pranayama – <\/strong><\/li><\/ul><p>It is a reviving pranayama. It builds oxygen level & lessens the carbon dioxide levels in the blood. It puts pressure on stomach organs by utilizing abdominal muscles & diaphragm.<\/p><p><strong> <\/strong><\/p><p><strong>Kriya: Kapalbhati – <\/strong><\/p><p>It empowers pancreas to discharge insulin, in this way helps in controlling diabetes.<\/p><p>It is suggested to learn from a well-educated yoga master before practicing these pranayama.<\/p><p><strong> Meditation helps positively to manage Diabetes<\/strong><\/p><p>It is seen that anxiety & stress are the actual reason for diabetes & thusly the condition itself makes the patients more worried about it, which additionally disturbs the condition. Likewise diabetics lose confidence & quit playing it safe to monitor it as it is a deep rooted sickness. It has been observed that specific individuals long for additional for sweet things after they are determined to have diabetes. This is the place where meditation plays its part. It re-establishes certainty levels & enhances the self-control & offers power to battle the condition & live well.<\/p><p>Few evidences say:<\/p><ul><li>Evidence proposes that Meditation can help in decreasing glucose levels by managing the sleep pattern, as rest is imperative for naturally recuperating of the body.<\/li><li>Practicing Meditation helps in decreasing uneasiness &stress which is the primary reason of Type-2 diabetes.<\/li><li>Meditation supports the patients in accomplishing homeostasis, which is a balance in the body. It advances the ideal working of autonomic nervous system, endocrine system & other imperative procedures.  <\/li><li>Studies have demonstrated that meditation can advance the direction of cortisol & different stress hormones.<\/li><li>While practicing meditation the quantity of carbon dioxide disposal diminishes in extent to oxygen inhaled with no impact on respiratory quotient. Meditation produces internal homeostasis & lessens the stress levels.<\/li><li>It advances mindfulness & expands individual's determination by educating discipline.<\/li><li>It prompts better food options, as well as the food is processed & assimilated into the body in a more proficient manner.<\/li><\/ul><p><em>Yoga is a holistic lifestyle as it is beneficial on all physical, mental, emotional and social aspects.  It needs to be practiced with a good yoga teacher to get more out of every practice of yoga.<\/em><\/p><p><em>Happy Practicing Yoga!!<\/em><\/p><\/body><\/html>","created_at":"2017-07-03 01:32:30","updated_at":"2019-01-20 02:01:51","topic":"Yoga, Diabetics, ","url":"yoga--a-blessing-for-diabetic-patients-3564","status":0,"view_count":237,"old_url":null}}