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Advertising Policy



Vesaan Technologies Private Limited (“Medikoe), allows certain advertising on the Website subject to certain restrictions and subject to provisions of the Terms of Use and this Advertising Policy (the “Policy”) as well as any other policy implemented by Medikoe from time to time. Medikoe allows users and third parties to post certain advertisements, including but not limited to Google Ads, AdWords, social media ads, retargeting ads, mobile ads, links and video ads (“Advertisements”) with the express written consent from Medikoe.

All Advertisements posted on the Website by any Party shall have to be in compliance with any and all terms issued by Medikoe regarding the same.

All Advertisements shall be the sole responsibility of the person posting, advertising or displaying the same anywhere on the Website (the “Advertiser”). The Advertiser shall be further responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the Advertisements. Medikoe shall not be under any liability for any Advertisements advertised by any Advertiser anywhere on the Website neither shall Medikoe be liable for any of the content of the Advertisements.

The provisions of the Terms of Use and other policies implemented by Medikoe from time to time are incorporated herein by way of specific reference to the same and the capitalised terms shall have the same meaning attributed to it in the Terms of Use. In case of any conflict between the two, the terms of this Advertising Policy shall prevail.

This Advertisement Policy shall set out the conditions by which Advertisements may be posted on the Website.

  1. Medikoe shall solely determine whether Advertisements are acceptable to be displayed on the Website and shall have the discretion of removing any and all Advertisements that are not conforming with this Policy or with the Terms of Use.
  2. The acceptance of any Advertisements and the displaying of the same on the Website shall not be construed as the endorsement of such Advertisement and shall not be the views, ideas, causes or opinions shared or supported by Medikoe. Neither shall any Advertisement present on the Website be construed as Medikoe’ endorsement of any products or services advertised in it or of the manufacturers and providers of such products and services.
  3. All Advertisers should obtain express written consent from Medikoe prior to publishing, posting or displaying any Advertisements on the Website.
  4. Any Advertisements containing any of the following content or material or of a nature similar to that listed below is hereby expressly prohibited:
    • Any Advertisements containing anything harmful, violent, hurtful, discriminatory, obscene, scandalous, against public morality, disruptive, defamatory or poses a threat to the safety and security of any person or the safety and security of India.
    • Any Advertisements containing anything pornographic, paedophilic or vulgar.
    • Any Advertisements containing anything that is in violation of any applicable law.
    • Any Advertisements relating to alcohol, tobacco, gambling drugs or weapons.
    • Any Advertisements with unlikely or extraordinary claims.
    • Any Advertisements relating to speedy weight loss, skin whitening/brightening.
    • Any material or content containing any virus, key stroke loggers, time bombs, logic bombs, Trojans or other malicious or disruptive coding or programming.
    • Any Advertisements containing links to unapproved third party websites.
    • Any Advertisements that are fraudulent, misrepresenting, misleading dishonest or aims to cheat any person.
    • Any Advertisements containing any cookies or other similar information collection code or programs.
    • Such other Advertisements as stated by Medikoe from time to time.


  1. Any content that is not conforming to this Policy shall be removed by Medikoe without any prior notification. Medikoe reserves the right to remove any Advertisements for any or no reason.
  2. All Advertisements shall be clearly marked and differentiated from the Website and Website content.
  3. All Advertisements, if conforming to this Policy, shall be displayed ‘as is’ without any representations or warranties. Any and all loss, damage, claims, actions, suits arising due to displaying, publishing or posting the Advertisement shall be the sole liability of the Advertiser and under no circumstances shall Medikoe be liable for the same.
  4. Certain Advertisements may lead the User onto a third party website unrelated to Medikoe having its own terms of use and privacy policy and Users shall be solely responsible to ensure that they have read and understood such terms of use and privacy policy.
  5. Medikoe shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to any User who is redirected onto a third party website by clicking an Advertisement present on the Website. All Users are requested to exercise appropriate caution while following any Advertisements.
  6. Medikoe makes no representations or warranties that the Advertisements shall be displayed continuously and without any interruptions or that the Website shall be error free.
  7. Advertisers shall ensure that they have all necessary rights, authority and title to create post, publish and display the Advertisements. The Advertisers shall be further required to ensure that they are in compliance with any and all applicable laws.
  8. The Advertisers shall not use include or display anywhere within the Advertisements any content that belongs to a third party or for which the Advertiser has not obtained the necessary rights or any content that is violating the privacy or confidentiality of any person.
  9. Advertisers shall ensure that all of the information present in the Advertisements are true, accurate and up to date.
  10. Users may rely on the information and content present in any Advertisement at their sole option and risk and Medikoe shall not be liable for any loss or damages, including but not limited to physical injury or death that may arise due to any reliance placed on the Advertisement by any person.
  11. None of the Advertisements or its contents are intended as medical advice and Users are requested to consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to relying on the same. Neither is any information or content present in any Advertisements intended as a substitute for medical advice, treatment options, or other medical services including emergency services.
  12. Any transaction or agreement entered into between any User and the Advertiser shall be solely between you and under no circumstances shall Medikoe be a party to the same.
  13. Medikoe reserves the right to amend, change or modify the whole or any part of this Policy without any prior notice. The revised policy shall become effective from the date it is published on the Website. Users are requested to check for updates at regular intervals.
  14. In case any User wishes to complain about any Advertisement/Advertiser or the contents of any Advertisements or in the event any User suspects any infringement of their content by any Advertiser, such User may contact Medikoe by writing to
  15. Any User not agreeing to this Policy is hereby requested to refrain from using the Website or the Services in any manner.